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As a more effective means of arranging nice furniture, figurines and paintings in creating a comfortable space

I propose a mural.

Your living room, bedroom, entrance, and toilet will be more comfortable.

In addition, the concept of the store is given to customers by mural paintings on commercial stores, drawing rooms, entrances, etc.

It is also effective for making a strong impression.

Chinese restaurant in Kawagoe City Yuko


Using a photocatalyst, we created a festival that is the image of Kawagoe. Cherry blossoms dance on the front wall,

Various characters carry the gods, and the phoenix dances in the back.

Let's take a closer look below.



The cherry blossoms soften the overall color tone



Mural production process

1. 1. Make an image picture. Based on that, in size, design, color tone, emphasis points

I will have a meeting.

2. 2. At that time, confirm whether or not a photocatalyst is used.

3. 3. We will decide the price and delivery date and make a contract.

4. At the time of drawing about 70-80% of the whole, if there are any adjustments, in the presence of the author and the client,

Double check.

5. After completion, we cannot make major corrections, but we will make fine adjustments.

Price summary

* Please note that we cannot accept orders for painting only.

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