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Ayaka Miki ~ Profile ~

(From 2019, the name will be changed from Reiko Oki)

IMG_4639 (002).JPG

Graduated from Saga University of Arts, Western-style painter

Award history

2007 3rd Hyogo Prefecture Sasayama City Exhibition Grand Prize

2007 East Asian Art Exchange Festival Selection (Hangzhou, China)

2008 Held a solo exhibition in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture (twice)

2011 Art Move Exhibition Tennoji Gakukan Award

2016 Ginza Nagai Gallery Japanese Painting Exhibition Winner

Held a solo exhibition at the restaurant "Linio" in 2017

19 years ・ Shibuya Fashion & Art College,

      Held a solo exhibition at Jiyugaoka "JICON"

・ At the request of the shipbuilding company, 12 ship drawings were produced.

20 years Ego Gallery (Nihonbashi) solo exhibition held

21 years Kawagoe City Chinese restaurant interior mural painting, warehouse exhibition (Yorii)

Exhibited at Ego Group Exhibition and Shibuya Group Exhibition

Exhibited at the 7th Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition in Kawagoe City

Painting class (since 2002, various places)

In addition, ceiling mural production in Miyakojima, Osaka,

      Airbrush in Shibuya

・ Tempera, oil painting, acrylic, pastel compatible

・ Lives in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture

Sold (partial) works

Sold to a private collector

Sold to a shipping company

Dedicated to Kinbirayama Shrine

Sold to a private collector

Sold to a private collector

Sold to a private collector

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