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Don't Forsake The Earth!


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We by creating a comfortable space

To provide moisture and health to people's lives


Various ideas are needed to create a comfortable space

It will be necessary, but we are currently working on it.

I will briefly introduce the business and its aim.

1. 1. Painting

You can choose a ready-made work according to your preference.

Or custom-made works according to customer needs

It is also possible to draw.

A free space that mixes animals and plants, nature, children, etc.

Basically, when I see a painting in my daily life

The main focus is on providing healing .

2. 2. Interior mural

Mural paintings in the living room, bedroom, corridor, etc.

I will draw. I'm negotiating about the subject,

It is possible to cover the entire wall with a painting, draw something on a part of the wall with one point, and even express one point as a part of the wall with several aggregates .

Like paintings, it focuses on providing healing.

3. 3. Photocatalytic interior mural

New visible light response photocatalyst * Note 1 when drawing interior murals

Used as a base. Healing by painting and photocatalyst

It realizes air purification, antibacterial and antiviral at the same time.

You can also apply a photocatalyst to the wall and draw a one-point mural.

Is possible.

4. Sale of photocatalytic spray * Note 2

Easy to buy spray with new visible light photocatalyst

We will offer it at a price. We recommend comparing the performance and cost of other companies' products.

5. At Comfort Espace,

Besides that , management of apartments and condominiums,

I have a painting class.

For future business, we started from the mental aspect.

There are some considerations , including creating a comfortable space,

We will inform you as soon as it is decided.

Note 1. About the new visible light response photocatalyst

When the photocatalyst titanium dioxide is exposed to light

With super oxide ion, which has strong bactericidal power

OH radical (hydraulic acid radical) * Note 3 is generated.

The new visible light response photocatalyst compared to the conventional photocatalyst

It has the following features.

* Wide range of light that can respond.

Responds to fluorescent light and LED light

* High air purification capacity

* (In the case of coating material) The target of application is wide. Can be applied and kneaded into fibers, paper, plastics, etc.

In addition, no binder treatment (intermediate coating) is required.

* (In the case of coating material) Has an adsorption function for viruses, recently pollen, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, tobacco odor, etc.

Note 2: About photocatalytic spray

In the case of alcohol disinfection, the effect disappears immediately after disinfection, but in the case of photocatalytic spray, it is persistent.

Note 3: About OH radical

OH radicals have 1.35 times the sterilizing amount of ozone and twice the sterilizing amount of chlorine.

Oxidizing power (Volts)

聞きたくない full.JPG

"Dream" (2016 Nagai Gallery "Japanese Painting Exhibition" prize-winning work)

November 2021 Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2021 (Kawagoe City) at Naka-in

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01 01

2021   / /   11 11   / /  3

2 weeks from November 3, 2021

With the 7th Kura held in Kawagoe City

Exhibited at Contemporary Art Exhibition 2021

(Naka-in and Gallery & Cafe

At Nikendo)

02 02

2023   / /  06 06  / /  twenty three

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03 03

2023  / /  06 06  / /  twenty three

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